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Video over IP and audio over IP

Video over IP and audio over IP describe a new, internet-based, method of transmitting video and audio content in much the same way Serial Digital Interface (SDI) cables have done for years. We are currently at the forefront of an IP revolution. For nearly 80 years, the broadcast industry relied on expensive, inflexible infrastructure comprised […]


Our Facilities

Eurosat IPTV offers a wide range of services from our main office in St. Petersburg in The Russian Federation and our streaming facilities outside Kiev in Ukraine. Our satellite uplinks are located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and in Sakhalin Oblast area in The Russian Federation.


Benefits Of Digital Broadcasting

In the modern age it’s no longer an option for companies wishing to be competitive to lack an online presence. This applies to traditional auction houses as much as any other business. However, auctioneers are understandably often uncertain about how plunging into the world of online auctions will affect the more traditional side of their […]