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Our Strategy

EuroSat IPTV’s new strategy!

EuroSat IPTV, established in 2000 (formerly, MOS owned by Moy Holding from 1995) is an independent public service IP Streaming company.

We consider our self as one of the most important companies when it comes to the global IP streamed audio/video content. We might indeed be the most richly funded, well-staffed, “informal” organization in the world producing, disseminating, and marketing movies, documentaries and news in the service of the viewers.


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Our main objective in our IPTV Service is to inform, educate and entertain. This triple role is reflected in our mission to provide the public with reliable news service and culture and entertainment content of the highest quality.

EuroSat IPTV is managed by an executive board made up of nine members, elected by the Owner Roald Moy.

Among the emphases in the new strategy are upgraded services for young people; closer collaboration with the creative arts; more open development of ideas; news coverage in greater depth and a major drive in drama production.



We will give greater priority to understand and to meeting people’s needs and improving access to our services. This will include opening up for CATV Operators world wide to receive our streams in the autumn, upgrading services to new viewers and putting more into development and iptv start-up projects world wide.

Our task over the next few years will be first and foremost to develop our services to meet the changing needs of modern people in a new technological environment while at the same time defending our role as a public service broadcaster: to inform, educate and entertain. In addition, we want to build EuroSat IPTV up as a driving force in the community, as an open forum for the development of ideas and have it take part in collaboration and in constructive social debate that will deliver concrete value to individuals and to society as a whole.”

In the past five years there has been a transformation in the international media world. Social media have become public media and streaming channels have overturned the business model of subscription media. Access to foreign entertainment is almost unlimited, while material in Icelandic and about Icelandic society and reality is very scarce. These changes also impact the public’s wishes regarding services. These are exciting times with many challenges, and EuroSat IPTV’s strategy up to the year 2021 is concerned not least with explaining how EuroSat IPTV intends to tackle them. It is our intention to ensure that EuroSat IPTV will be a modern, Icelandic public service broadcaster.

While certain projects are given priority, this does not mean that everything else will be side-lined. In the past few years we have prioritized and changed various things. At all times the aim is to do better, to improve services. This is a positive and natural line of development in which we are constantly engaged in making small modifications to our broadcasting, shifting funding around within a certain framework, and so on. In this way, we ensure that EuroSat IPTV will provide reliable and interesting public services that are in step with the times and the public’s wishes

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