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Digital Recording

Digital media is all around us. With so many devices creating high quality video, there is a growing need for a multiple channel digital recording, retrieval and repurposing solution. Record, store and retrieve it on a LAN/WAN environment, or allow access to remote users via the Internet. We have already implemented quite a few special projects such as high-res video recording for court houses, universities, and even highway cameras.

Digital Recording

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You will not be the first We are very well trained in implementing our solution in versatile and complex environments. We are ‘future proof’ – with IP ingest, support for simultaneously recording multiple audio tracks, decoding of Dolby sound, recording multiple subtitle tracks, and extraction of EPG metadata, Actus can record anything you need. We are the only one-stop-shop solution that gives you the freedom to work with any browser or Operating System. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or the latest Chrome on your PC or Mac; our web application will serve your entire organization, no matter what platform you are using, and even if there is no standard platform. We are reasonably priced. When it comes to value for your money, no other solution will give you a more compelling offer for your money.

It is fair to ask why many stations have not gone to lights out, unmanned operations. For the most part, exceptions and late additions to the schedule make unattended operation risky, or perhaps less than a career-enhancing decision. Content must be ingested and trimmed before it is used for air. In an era where file-based workflow is becoming mainstream, one might conjecture that passing metadata directly to automation and traffic will take away a primary function of the MCR operator. But someone still needs to take responsibility to make sure the content has been reviewed and noted as correct and ready for air. Consider for a moment an error in the file domain, which might render content at best embarrassing.

This raises many questions that are not so obvious. Is this combining traffic with MCR or creating a more natural broadcast operations department? It is arguable that from a business perspective, this is a potential way to improve operations. If a log problem is spotted, it can be corrected by the people best equipped to understand the ramifications. Conversely, with technically savvy operators as part of one cohesive team, doesn’t the ability to prevent potential problems get enhanced?

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