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Advertising On Eurosat IPTV

Infomercial advertising has proven to be a reliable way to reach large numbers of customers, but the trade-off lies in its expense for small businesses. Investing in infomercial time for a poorly produced infomercial or for one with a product that has limited appeal can be financially disastrous. On the other hand, when you have the right product and a good infomercial, buying time on cable TV networks can bring you an excellent return and launch your business to new height.

If you are looking to invest in television advertising, then EuroSat IPTV is the right place to do that.

Advertising on EuroSat IPTVAsk us to wheel and deal, and you can come away with a comparative bargain. We offer three -, six-, and 12-month contracts, and we will discount you anywhere from 5 to 20 percent, if you sign with us for a longer period.

So how much does television advertising really cost? It depends on your markets, your airtimes, your choice of coverage area, and your other needs. You have four -4- main markets to consider: the international, national, regional and local.

Choose where you want to advertise. The international market is the largest, reaching the most viewers, and, accordingly, that market cost the most. National market reach a large number of viewers, though significantly fewer than those in the international market. Advertising on these markets costs a much less than international advertising. The least expensive option to buy infomercial time, the local market, reaches a relatively small number of viewers, but for small companies, its average cost is very low.
The great news is that EuroSat always are  ready and willing to work with your budget and your needs, so there is no reason not to market yourself fully.

Any small business owners who have viewed the slick, expensively produced ads that air during prime time — or even the commercials that air nationwide on a network daytime TV — might think TV advertising is out of their financial reach. However, local advertising that is targeted to your choice demographic — the age, gender and income level — may be more affordable than you think. Buying TV advertising requires knowing your customer and researching your advertising placement options.

Factors That Determine Television Advertising Cost

Television advertising is priced on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis in most network/tv stations, which is the cost for your ad to be seen by 1,000 people. The CPM varies widely depending on a few different factors, the biggest of which is location.

Here at EuroSat IPTV our CPM is fixed to USD 0.001 (One -1- US cent) per 60 second per 1000 potential viewers, so that mean that as an advertiser, you pay only USD 10.00 per 60 seconds for 1,000,000 potential viewers. Price is regardless the use of A/V (full-moving video and audio) or standard 10 second banner advertising.

Who Television Advertising Is Right For

The expense of TV advertising on EuroSat IPTV — averaging USD 5.00 per channel, per million viewers for an airing of a 30-second A/V (full-moving video and audio) commercial— should not be a deterrent for budget-strapped small businesses. Remember, it does create sales-generating buzz around products, particularly those with a pleasant aesthetic. For example, restaurant, car dealerships, travel, health and fitness, and fashion brands all benefit from the visual appeal of TV ads.

The following types of businesses can benefit most from online advertising:

  • Restaurants: Everyone needs to eat, so the limited targeted options of TV advertising is not an issue for most restaurants; in fact, it offers a wider audience than most magazine or newspaper ads. In addition, the visual component of TV advertising allows restaurants to showcase their in-store experiences and beautiful dishes to create more appeal.
  • Car dealerships: Many people purchase cars based on their visual components (space, color, number of seats, and luxury amenities, for example). A TV advertisement helps car dealerships advertise these features.
  • Travel and hospitality businesses: Travel and hospitality businesses sell experiences. Experiences are best showcased audio-visually. TV advertising allows businesses to explore vacation destinations with breathtaking graphics and sound.
  • Health and fitness businesses: Health and fitness brands advertise by showcasing the cosmetic results of their programs, equipment, and services. TV advertising accomplishes this more effectively than static ads, revealing fit customers who are athletic, happy, and handsome.
  • Fashion brands: Like health and fitness brands, fashion advertising entices people to purchase based on looks. The best way to advertise these looks is via a visual medium like television, where customers can see the glamour of various clothes as people wear them.

Choose Between TV Ad Types

The frequency of your ads and when you air them will also depend on what type of ad you select. There are different ad types and ad lengths for TV ads. Most A/V (full-moving video and audio) ads will run for 10, 15, 30, or 60 seconds, and either be performance-based ads (calling for viewers to take action in the moment, like call a number or visit a website) or product placement ads. Banner ads are having a 10 second exposure.
Also, our A/V (full-moving video and audio) commercials will only run between the programs. No programs will have commercial breaks unless they are from a third party source.

We do not offer specific time slots for advertising since our stream are international and by such unable to control localized commercial airing at specific times.

Please consider your advertising goals, messaging, and products or services as you review these types and lengths, and if interested, just contact us using the Get In Touch button.

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