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Media Monitoring

Media is your most valuable asset, it is the foundation of your business.

The ability to record TV/Radio channels, monitor live or archived broadcast content, retrieve and share the relevant content immediately is essential. Actus web based media intelligence platform answers all these requirements. Advanced features such as integration of rating data for rating analysis (Actus Rating Analyzer)  and automatic ads detection  (AdWatch) are also available – Actus Media Platform is the ultimate media recording and analysis platform for media research and media monitoring companies.

Media Monitoring

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This holy grail is not a new concept. In a burst of creative engineering and understanding of the business imperatives faced by both vendors and broadcasters, SMPTE started a development project several years ago that went a long way toward tightly coupling automation and traffic.

The BXF standard, first published in 2008, and now “BXF 2.0,” provides communications “API” to which both traffic and automation vendors can build products that allow tighter integration and interoperation between pairs of companies without reinventing the wheel every time a user asks for a different vendor combination, or even set of supported options. BXF 2.0 will extend the solid work of the BXF standard (SMPTE 2021).

It is important to note that BXF allows defined interconnections among many broadcast business applications, including program management, traffic, automation and content distribution. BXF 2.0 will extend the metadata mapping to include how metadata transported by BXF and essence transported in an MXF wrapper can be more tightly coupled, improving the tight coupling that file-based workflow really needs.

Multi-Channel Monitor is the central control of the system were all running playlists can be watched as time lines with easy reading of potential problems for future events. One single operator can supervise the whole playout of the facility and interact in the required way. Double clicking in any of the timelines MCR Client opens allowing the operator to change any event or subline of the corresponding channel.

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